Ideas to decorate a boy's bedroom

Boys do not give too much attention to their rooms and usually do not keep it clean and tidy as girls do. Usually they keep their favorite items such as hockey sticks, balls, posters and helmets spread all over the space that is why you should think very seriously about redecorating their room. Keep in mind to choose the right color scheme, furniture and accessories for this task.

Decorate the room with favorite things in order to give them a personalized look. Let us see how to do this.

 Theme and wall paint color

The first thing you should take into account is the theme of the room. This is the most important element because all the others depend on it. Adding the right accessories to emphasize the theme you choose is a great idea. Racing cars, bikes, trucks and the like are the most suitable themes you can use in a boy’s bedroom. Decorate the walls with posters representing his favorite cars or paint different designs with autos. All the accessories you use to decorate his room can have designs representing cars. Even the floor mats and bedding can have auto designs. For a more interesting and boyish look, achieve a car-shaped bed and install it into your boy’s bedroom. As for the walls, never use lavender or pink to paint them because these two colors are very feminine and your boy will hate them.

Another great idea is to use themes such as sports or superman. Beach can also be used as a theme for a boy’s bedroom. Decorate the room with sling chairs and mats colored in blue, yellow or green. Paint some coconuts, sun, etc. on the walls to complement the room and to accent the beach theme. Colors like blue, black, orange, yellow or white will look great if you do not know what theme to choose for this room.


The most important piece of furniture in any bedroom is the bed. You can choose a car-shaped bed if a single person occupies the room. If the room is shared, go for a bunk bed. For additional storage space, a trundle bed will look great. For a more interesting look, choose a two-tier bed that presents shelving and a study table attached to it. Also, install a headboard with football design, bats or hockey sticks to emphasize the design of the room.

Boys need a lot of storage space so install as many shelving as possible. You can pick up shelving with borders and doors in many colors. Decorate the room with colorful pillows and mats. A large mirror with side shelves is another good idea. In addition, achieve a suitable closet that provides enough storage space for your boy to keep his shoes, clothes, bags, etc.

 Jazz up your boy’s bedroom

If you want to jazz up the bedroom, use proper lighting and accessories. For example, the study table and the mirror must be illuminated. Hang the football in a net on one corner of the room. Decorate the walls with hanging bats or sticks. A very nice and interesting idea is to decorate one wall with glow in the dark paint.  To illuminate your boy’s bathroom, install bright colored tiles and neon colors. Frame their favorite posters and hand them on the walls. To complement the room, add a yellow or a red beanbag.

Decorating the bedroom for a boy can be quite challenging, but with proper color scheme, furniture and accessories the result will be astonishing. Your boy will love his space more than ever!

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