Ideas to decorate a small bedroom

Small bedrooms require more attention when redecorating them is in plan. This is because you have to be very careful when choosing the furniture, the paint color for the walls and the accessories in order to make the space look larger and airy. Avoiding clutter is the most important thing you should keep in mind.

If you follow some simple suggestions, you will transform your small bedroom into your dreaming place. Let us see some tips that can help you accomplish this task successfully.

 Remove unwanted furniture

The first thing you have to do is to remove excessive furniture. This way you will avoid crowding the place and at the same time, you will make it look bigger. All you need in a bedroom is a bed, a table, a chair, a wardrobe, a shelf and of course, a mirror. All the other pieces of furniture need to be removed. This way your bedroom will provide enough free space to keep your things.

 Furniture layout

Choose slim pieces of furniture that occupy as less space as possible. Furniture that presents slim borders is the best choice because it does not crowd the space. Always avoid thick plywood. A foldable study table will look great into your small bedroom. Do not opt for a full-sized bed because it will occupy a lot of space. Instead, you can achieve a box bed because it provides additional storage space. Also, pick up a headboard with shelves for more storage space. If you plan to decorate a small bedroom for your child, install shelving in walls. For example, you can have a wall panel installed on one wall in the room and keep items stored in there. Place your books in open shelves. Do not forget about the wardrobe. You can ask the help of a worker to make you a personalized one. You can also install helves, drawers and hangers to keep your things. Another idea is to pick up a wall-hung wardrobe that does not occupy floor space. Install it on one of the walls. Replace curtains with blinds and decorate the flooring with a nice rug place under the wardrobe. A great idea is to add some throw pillows for a more attractive look.

 Decoration tips

The best colors you can use to decorate your small bedroom are neutrals. For a dramatic look, add also a touch of dark color. You ca use different color schemes such as white and purple for the rug, bedding and shelf borders. White laminates will look great for the furniture as long as you add just a hint of purple. If you do not like purple, use silver gray, chocolate brown or olive green instead.  You can also replace white with light cream, very light yellow or light cream if you like. Have pendant lights installed above the bed and decorate the free wall with sconces. Do not forget about the mirror! Ensure yourself that it is properly illuminated. As for the lighting, the best option is to install ornamental light fixtures.

These were a few ideas that can help you decorate your small bedroom and transform it into a relaxing and most beautiful space.

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