Ideas to decorate bedrooms for girls

If you plan to decorate the bedroom for a girl take into account her age and personality before choosing the color scheme, furniture and accessories. For little girls you can pick up nice tones of pink and cute themes. But if you want some ideas to decorate the bedroom for a teenage girl, avoid colors and elements that are childish.

The best solution is to take into account the personality and tastes of the girl who occupies the bedroom before choosing any element to decorate it. To discover many ideas to decorate the bedroom for a girl, read the following lines.

Suitable colors

Purple and pink are the most popular colors used to decorate the bedroom for a girl. If you plan to decorate the bedroom for a little girl, you can use soft tons of pink because they are cute and nice. A combination of white and purple is another great option you can use for a girl’s room. If you do not like these conventional colors, you are free to use whatever you want. For example, you can combine white and green, a small accent of dark pink and yellow, etc. For a more formal look keep the walls in beige and the accessories in purple. You can also decorate the walls using stencils, rubber stamps and the like.


The theme of the bedroom also depends on the age of the girl who lives there. For little girls you can use themes such as princess, butterflies, ballerina and the like. For teenage girls, choose a theme that represents her hobbies and likes. You can decorate the walls with Disney stickers for a fantastic look. To complement the room, install ballerina furniture, cute lamps and tutu-wall art. For teenage girls, beach theme is a good choice. Vehicle, fairy tales, superheroes and cartoons can also be used as themes for a girl’s room.


Choose a bed that works with the theme of the room. A low platform bed or a bed that comes with storage space under it is a great option. If you think that it is difficult to select each piece of furniture you have to include in a girl’s bedroom you can opt for a complete set having the same style. A bunk bed is the best option for a shared room. These sets include a bed, side tables, closets, dresser and a mirror. White or off-white is a perfect color for the furniture. Achieve nice bedding in accordance to the style and colors in the room.


To decorate the bedroom for a girl you can use things that she loves. For example, you can add paintings, flowers, soft toys, flower vases and everything that she likes. Put a vase with colorful and fresh flowers on her desk, toys on the bed and paintings or photos on the walls. Also, install racks to keep her CDs and DVDs and a place or her stereo. A great idea is to put a poster on one of the walls representing her favorite artist. In addition, you can put a beanbag on the floor, a trendy rug and a nice lampshade on the bedside lamp to complement the room.

Follow these ideas to decorate the bedroom for your girl and add some personality by using different accent elements. Let you creativity free and give your girl’s bedroom a fascinating and comfortable look.

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