Ideas to decorate bedrooms for guests

Decorating the bedroom for your guests is as important as giving your own room a new look. Every time you have guests, you want to make them feel very comfortable and welcoming. This is why you have to choose the right color scheme, furniture and accessories for their bedroom.

Read the following lines to find out some interesting ideas that can make your job easier.

As we have mentioned before, it is very important to pick up the right color scheme, proper furniture and beautiful accessories to decorate a bedroom for your guests. There are many ideas that can make the bedroom for guests look very welcoming and nice. You do not have to spend a fortune for this project. All you have to do is to pay attention to every detail in the room such as furniture, illumination, windows, drapes, curtains, carpet, fixtures and decorative items. These items must be chosen very wisely in order to make your guests feel like home.

The bedroom you plan to decorate for your guests needs to include several facilities such as a bed, wardrobe, side tables made of wood, a trendy clock, a table lamp, a potted plant or a vase with colorful flowers and a painting on the wall. These accessories will make the room look very comfortable and tranquil.

Interesting ideas to decorate the bedroom for guests

Cozy furniture

The furniture is an important element you have to take into consideration when decorating the bedroom for your guests. If you have a new house, the best idea is opt for built-in furniture to save space. You can even create a canopy for the bed by making an arch into the existent brick wall. Besides that, you can include a dressing table, chaise, a chandelier and a bed made of wood to balance the brick walls. Give your guests a pleasant and relaxing place for reading by installing a chaise into their room. Also, add cabinets with drawers where your guests can keep their clothes and a portable luggage rack to save more floor space. More than that, you will clean the floor faster and easier if the luggage is not on the floor. For their garments, provide spacious closet space and free hangers. Make sure that the lights function well. Instead of a wooden headboard, you can choose one made of mirror or French glass to make the room look larger. Twin beds are a good alternative if you do not want to install a full-sized bed. Use many cushioned and colorful pillows for the bed. They will make the room welcoming and comfortable.

Decorative items

To make the bedroom for your guests look really beautiful and cozy, decorate it with potted plants and a vase with colorful flowers. A big window will also look great and will make your guests feel closer to nature. You can also include scented candles for a fresh and pleasant scent. Fresh flowers can make the bedroom very lively and bright. Small things can create the greatest effects.


Colors can give any room a completely new look. Choose pastel tones such as dove-gray or light ivory to paint the walls in the bedroom for guests and paint one wall in an opposite or contrasting color you like. Also, make sure that the furniture and all the accessories work well with the color of the walls. This way, the bedroom for guests will look like a small paradise.


Any bedroom should have some facilities such as a small stack of books and a music player. Near the bed, you can put a pair of slippers for your guests. More than that, you can include a TV top box with instant movies to make your guests feel very welcoming. Make sure that the dressing table surface and the bathroom countertops are free and clean. Do not forget to put napkins, quilts, bathrobes, towels and tissue papers in an armoire. In the bathrooms, you should have shampoo, shower gel and soap. You can even buy a small kit for your guests. To avoid unpleasant situations, put a glass water pitcher near the bed for your guests. To make them comfortable and to provide your guests the privacy they need, install a two chairs and a bistro table into their room. An ottoman and a small bench can also be included into the room if you have enough space. If your guests are from out-of town, you can put a guidebook of the city into their room.


To complement the bedroom for your guests you have to choose nice curtains and a trendy carpet. If you have any doubts, you can search online and see different curtains that can make the bedroom look great. For a cocoon look, pick up thin and transparent curtains to surround the bed. Choose a suitable carpet to work with the color of the walls and the style of the curtains.

 Great fabrics

If you want to give the bedroom a rich and elegant look, choose vintage linens and use a special product to make them smell like lavender for a calming and peaceful effect. For a Victorian style, pick up vintage and antique fabrics and combine them. Silk and satin are also a great option for your purpose.

There are many other decoration ideas you can use to give the bedroom for your guests a very welcoming and cozy look. Decide what your budget is, establish a theme and decorate the room accordingly. Keep in mind the ideas mentioned before and let your creativity free to make the bedroom for guests a small paradise.

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