Ideas to table scape a dresser

Usually tablescapes are used to embellish tables but they can also change the look of a dresser or any other piece of furniture in the house. Adding festive decorations on different surfaces will surely strike the eye of your guests. You can create tablescapes making use of your ornamental items in your home or you can buy some from a party store or vintage shop.

Items you need:

  • Decoration items (similar to those used for the table);
  • Dust cloth.


  • ┬áRemove any object from your dresser and clean the dust very well.
  • Place the main object of your tablescape on the surface of the dresser. Use a tablecloth in the same color as that on your table. Achieve a piece of fabric if you have only one tablecloth available. You can also fold a sheet of paper and use it for this purpose.
  • First, place the largest objects on the base layer. You can choose vases of flowers or decorative bowls. Then, arrange medium objects such as figurines. To complete your design, add the smallest objects.
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