Intelligent storage tips for bedrooms

The bedroom is the place where you spend most of your time after you come home from work. It is your most personal room in the house and you can decorate it the way you like. You can choose a modern furniture or an antique one, you can paint the walls in one or several colors that you want as long as its style represents your tastes and personality.

The bedroom provides you the privacy and intimacy you need, which is why you have to keep it clean and organized.

There are many ways to help you store all your stuff in place, without crowding the room. You can ask the help of an interior designer, but he will teach you do that from a theoretical point of view. And very often, theory is very different from practice. The most indicated person to do this job is you because you know better which things you need every day and which of them you use occasionally. In the following lines, we will present you several storage ideas for your bedroom.

Under the bed

Usually, people use the drawers under the bed to store a lot of items that they need every day. And this is not very practical due to that fact that this storage place is not very accessible. The drawers under the bed are proper to keep things that you use only occasionally such as additional curtains, drapes, bedding, rugs, carpets. You can also store some of your bedding and bed covers at hand if you are accustomed to change them every week. And, once a month, you can replace them with a new set that you have stored under the bed. It’s a good idea, isn’t it?

 Bay window seat

Another great storage place for your bedroom is a bay window seat. Although many people do not use this item as a storage place, you will see that it is a good idea. There are a lot of bay window seat plans available for you. Pick up one that goes with the style of your bedroom. For example, you can opt for a drawer under the bay window seat which can be pulled out or you can choose a seat that lifts up. The choice is yours. This storage place can be used to keep your old books or your shoes. This way, you will keep the moisture away from them. You can also store decoration items in here or things you need more often.

Cupboard for accessories

Every girl has a fetish for different types of accessories. They collect scarves, shoes, bags, jewelry or other things like this. These things are almost irresistible for women. We buy them even if we do not need them, although we have many others at home. The problem is where to keep them when almost all our storage places are full.  A good idea is to put these accessories inside an existent cupboard in our bedroom. If you want to keep your shoes in place, use horizontal boards fixed in with nails. For your ties and scarves, have a rod attached on the topside of your cupboard. In addition, you can use a removable rod to keep your anklets and bangles. Hang your bags inside this piece of furniture after you install some hooks. Attach a sheet of metal with holes on the interior part of the door to put your earrings and make-up products. You can also put a mirror on the interior part of the other door to have both your cosmetics and mirror at hand, in the same place.

Revamp the attic

In most houses, the attic is used to store old things and items that people do not use anymore. But revamping this space can transform it into the favorite room in the house. Although many people have never thought about that, the attic can become the perfect storage place. You can convert it into a library or into your own studio. You can even put a carom board or a Foosball table in there. This way you will have your favorite things at hand. There are many other things you can keep in this additional space. Add shelves, drawers and the like to keep your stuff organized.

 Organize your things

As you have seen, there are many possibilities to use your pieces of furniture as storage places for stuff. Let’s see how to arrange these things inside the furniture.

Garment storage bags can be utilized to keep your favorite dresses, blazers and coats. In addition, you can store the drapery as well as the sheets and covers for your bed. This way you will keep them clean and safe.

Cover old shoe boxes in decorative paper and use them to store scattered small things. Place these boxes on your study table or on your table near the bed.

Another creative idea is to clean very well old jam bottles and paint them in the color or combination of colors you want. Use them to store your pens and pencils.

Milk cartons can be very easily converted into boxes to keep your chess board pawns, different types of pins stationery material, etc.

As you have seen, it is not very difficult to find storage places for your stuff in your own bedroom. On the contrary, it is a funny and enjoyable way to put your things in place and have them organized.

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