Modern ideas and designs to decorate bedrooms

The bedroom is not only the place where we sleep during night or where we take a short nap in the afternoon. It is more than that. The bedroom is our most private space where we relax after a hard day.

In addition, it reflects our personality and tastes. More and more people prefer modern bedrooms because the style requires no special care.

 Modern bedroom ideas

If you want to have a modern bedroom, here are a few ideas that can stimulate your imagination.

  1.  The most popular colors used for modern bedrooms are earthy shades, pastels, mauve and white. A trendy combination of colors is browns and greens or golden and mauve.
  2. Modern bedrooms require soft and shooting fabrics for the upholstery and drapes. Choose heavy drapes made of velvet for the window and geometric patterns for the upholstery.
  3. All the accessories you use in a modern bedroom need to be glamorous. Pick up nightstands, wall hangings, bedside lamps, chandeliers to decorate the room. A good idea is to opt for chandeliers and lamps made of metal.
  4. Replace your country style furniture with modern and refined pieces. Have an Italian leather bed or a short bed. For a personalized look, you can opt for a cocoon bed. All the other pieces of furniture need to have a streamlined clean cut aspect to work with your modern bedroom.

Before starting any action, you should remove any unwanted clothes, books, newspapers and the like. Make sure that the wardrobe you choose provides enough storage space for your things. Another important element is the amount of natural light that gets into the room. Many people believe that a bedroom should always face east.

The first thing you have to establish when decorating a modern bedroom is the theme. After you have chosen the theme you want, you can pick up the paint color, furniture and accessories.

Modern Italian bedroom style

The most popular colors used for Italian style are earthy tones. So, paint the walls in your bedroom in gray. Choose a round Italian bed made of leather in place it in the center of the room. Pick up five mirrors having different geometrical shapes and hang them on the wall behind your bed. Take a long top table made of glass and decorate it with a plant. After you finish, put it in front of the bed. Place two leather chairs around this glass table. In addition, opt for brown or gray upholstery.

Modern dramatic bedroom style

If you want to give your bedroom a dramatic touch, cover the walls with dark tinted mirrors in full-length. Install a light wooden bed, small in height. Choose the color of the lemon for the upholstery and have a rug in the same color. Include one side table and put a red liquid lamp on it to give the bedroom a dramatic look. Decorate the bed with red-colored pillows and install several light types such as bright lights, overhead lights and dim lights.

Modern Japanese style

Another style that can transform your bedroom into a modern space is Japanese. In order to create a modern Japanese bedroom, paint the wall behind the bed in red and the others in white. A Japanese bedroom should always include a Raku tatami bed. Another alternative is a low platform bed made of wood.  For the curtains and the upholstery, choose white. Decorate the bed with a bolster pillow that presents Japanese inscriptions on it. Also, include a couple of side tables. Place a lamp with yellow light on one table and a vase with a natural plant on the other one. Hang two framed photos on the wall above the bed representing Japanese artwork. All you need to do in order to complement the room is to put an oriental rug on the floor.

Modern fun style

If you want a modern fun style for your bedroom, then paint the walls in mauve and install white furniture. For example, choose a cocoon style bed and side tables colored in white. Decorate the ceiling with colored paper lanterns to make the room funnier. For the curtains and upholstery use also white. Keep your side tables free of any item in order to give your bedroom a tidy look.

Modern romantic bedroom style

Modern romantic bedrooms are suitable for young couples who spend most of their free time inside the room. The most representative color for this style is red. For a modern look, use red accessories such as vases, arch lamps, scented candles and chandeliers and paint the walls in cream. For a more romantic look, choose silk fabrics and pink satin for the upholstery. Decorate the walls with a large picture of an unknown female that has half of her face covered with hair. This will give your room a touch of mystery.

Modern bedrooms are the most popular nowadays because this style is both practical an elegant. More than that, they are comfortable and sophisticated at the same time.

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