Painting the bedroom for a girl

Nowadays, decorating bedrooms is an important task anyone should consider. When decorating your bedroom, you can use what color or combination of colors you want, as long as you like them. But, when it comes to decorate the bedroom for a girl, several things should be considered.

For example, her age, her tastes and the most important her personality. Little girls usually prefer pinkish tones that make them think about fairies, princesses and the like, while teenage girls love shooting color schemes.

When choosing a color scheme to decorate the bedroom for a girl, take into account her age. As we have mentioned before, little girls love pink tones. You can paint all the walls in a pink shade or you can combine it with another color to make the room more attractive. For example, green can be used in combination with pink. If you want to paint the walls in another color than pink, red or yellow are a good alternative. Purple is another color that your little girl will love. Just let your imagination free and combine two or more colors to decorate the bedroom for your sweet baby girl. To make your choice easier try to establish a certain theme and pick up the color for the walls accordingly. You can choose themes such as ballerina, princess, fairytale, etc.

If your girl is already a teenager, it is a great idea to ask her opinion before making any choice. Teenage girls have different tastes and sometimes their personality is changeable. It would not be a good idea to choose a color scheme she hates. If you have chosen a theme for your teenage girl’s bedroom, pick up a suitable color that complements that theme. If not, you can pick up a theme such as music, books, beach, top-model, nature, etc. A good idea is to use different patterns to decorate the walls in her room. Wallpapers representing her hobbies and likes is a god alternative to paint.

If the room is shared by two girls of different ages, you have to find a solution to make them both happy. For example, you can opt for a color scheme that includes green, blue and brown. This combination will bring nature inside their room. Paint the ceiling in alight shade of blue to represent the sky. Keep three of the walls in a lime green and one wall in brown. You will see that both our baby girls and your teenager girl will feel very comfortable in their bedroom. How couldn’t they?

Hope these ideas mentioned before will make your choice and decisions easier. Follow them or just inspire from them to make your girl or girls feel happy with her or their bedroom. Happy painting!

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