Plans for homemade entertainment center made of drywall

One of the cheapest materials used to build an entertainment center is drywall. You can use it to give personality to your books and media equipment storage unit by adding it a wooden frame and doors. It is very important to make a correct plan to divide the space you want to use for this purpose.

Materials you need:

Drywall, sketchpad, 2-by-2-inch framing materials, measuring tape, graph paper, recessed lighting, cabinet doors, solid wood sections, metal drywall trim for corners, wood veneer sheets, wood trims, 2-by-4-inch boards and hinges.

How to do it

  •  Decide where you want to build your entertainment center and see the dimensions of the usable space. It is important to measure the space in connection with the existent furniture and windows. Make sure your storage unit fits correctly into the recessed wall place.
  • Determine the depth, height and width of your project, taking care to measure also the proper space for your media equipment you want to put in the entertainment center.
  • Use a graph paper to draw your plan; take care to design some shelves for your DVD player, cable box, game system and TV. In addition, you need a storage area for your remote controls and the like. In the lowest part of the entertainment center, draw some doors that can close and open. If you plan to build some of your shelves from glass, incorporate recessed lightning into the highest part of the unit. Let some free space in the soffit area to place some plants or artwork items.
  • Make sure you draw the route for the electrical wiring; hide this at the backside of the storage unit.
  • Draw several details for the TV space creating a frame made of drywall and add a layer of hardwood to sustain the weight of the TV. Use plywood for the back wall and project some holes for TV plug-in and cable wires.
  • Design the framework for the main skeleton of the unit using 2-by-4 – inch boards. For the places where the weight is significant and between the shelving use a 2-by-2 inch framing. Your unit will be covered with drywall, so you have to protect the outside corners of the drywall with special metal edging.
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