Portable generator - how to use it to stay safe

As for any appliance or device we use, there are hazards that can happen. This includes the portable generator. It is a useful machine to have inside a home to overcome electricity loses.

Be informed as to what are the dangers using a portable generator so you can know your device better and know how to protect yourself.

First of all, generator work with electric power, so there is the risk of electrocution. Prevent this by having all the time a dry generator (especially during winter place it under a cover and in a dried place). Never use it with wet hands. Also, avoid messy wiring and tangled connections.

Protect your ears when powering on this device because the noise that comes from it is very loud.

Always keep the generator in a separate space and away from your house. It produces carbon monoxide, which is odorless, colorless and fatal for humans. Don’t consider putting it in the garage. An extra safety is to install carbon monoxide detectors inside the house.

Don’t ignore the importance in quality of an electric cord. Use only superior ones in order to make the connection between the portable generator and appliances (do this only with essential devices, or you could reach an overload). Shut down all the connected appliances and after that power off the generator as well (this will prevent damaging them).

Refuel the generator only when it cools down after a turn off. If it’s too hot a fire can be caused. Also, don’t leave any container that has inside flammable substances, near the machine.

Don’t connect appliances that generate heat to a generator or keep them near it.

After usage during a storm clean the debris and water off the generator as it may, later, lead to fire or electric shocks.

Don’t allow children to come close to the portable generator.

The portable generator is a very useful tool, but you must take precautions whilst and after using it.

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