Practical decoration ideas for bedrooms

Many people tend to believe that a dust ruffle and a bed skirt are the same thing. But, as a matter of fact, a dust ruffle is a piece of cloth that is placed along the outer limits of a bed. Besides that fact that a dust ruffle is used for decorative purpose, it can also prevent the dust from collecting under the bed.

Both dust ruffles and be skirts cover the bottom half of bad frames. The main difference is that a dust ruffle touches the floor, while the length of a bed skirt is optional; it may or it may not touch the flooring. Dust ruffles are placed around the bed, covering it from all its sides. In order to stay in place, it needs a pleat. If you want to find out how you can use dust ruffle, how to install it or which are the available dust ruffle dimensions, read the following lines.

 Installing dust ruffles

Bed ruffles present an elastic inlay at the upper part that helps you fix it around the box mattress. Usually, bed ruffles also present Velcro strips that adhere to the mattress box. Their pairs are attached on the dust ruffle. These Velcro strips can help you attach the dust ruffle to the bed.

Dimensions of dust ruffles

No matter the size of your bed you will always find a suitable dust ruffle. There are various dust ruffle dimensions available on the market you can choose from. If you have a full-sized bed or a smaller one, you will find a suitable dust ruffle. Just make sure that you determine the size of your mattress correctly.


The design of your dust ruffle is the most important thing you should take into account. When choosing one for your bed, make sure that it works with your bed sheets and covers. You can also pick up a dust ruffle that works with your existent drapes and curtains.

The color and design of pillows and bed sheets must work with your new dust ruffle. You can choose a printed one in the same color as your bedding to be sure that they will match. You can also achieve a dust ruffle in a color that matches with the base color or the main color of the prints on your bedding. A dust ruffle in a color that matches that of the curtains is another great idea. If you want to make sure that you choose a suitable dust ruffle for your bed here is a good idea. Achieve curtains and bed sheets in a matching color. Then, buy a fabric in design, which works well with the curtains and the bed sheets. Get a dust ruffle made of the same fabric as the curtains and the bed sheets. The result will be amazing.

Following these suggestions and tips you can now buy a suitable dust ruffle for your bed. Your entire room will look better and more stylish.

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