Second-hand air compressors

You may be in need of a new air compressor or just found out you need one. What do you do if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a new one? Well, on the market, you can find used air compressors.
But before getting to the buying part, asses what CFM have the tools that will be operated with the compressor.

This way you will find out the model you need and start looking for the best buy.

So, used air compressors can be rented or bought from home improvement retailers and hardware stores. They have a life span of several hundred hours. If you have an urgent project such a compressor is perfect for your needs.

You may think that a second-hand product can be damaged or a joke to buy. But here are some pieces of information in order to establish the condition of the compressor:
– choose one with a CFM capacity of 25% or more than you need for your tools;
– the pump keeps the device working;
– find out how much noise the apparatus will make (a high amount of rpm of the motor means a noisy compressor);
– air compressor that are lubricated need constant service (due to it they are more resistant);
– check out the cooling capacity of the device ( cooling fins are placed around a cooper tube connecting the pump with the tank);
– if the CFM is at sea level it won’t have the same output of a compressor with 9000 feet above sea level;
– be sure the air intake filter is new or in a good condition (they need to be changed regularly in order to give the pump a proper flow)

Help yourself with the instructions’ manual and you will have a compressor running at a very good capacity.

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