Small bedroom decoration tips

Small bedrooms usually look crowded and suffocating because there is not enough storage place and floor space. Many people believe that there is nothing they can do to avoid crowding in small rooms. But, this is not true.

On the contrary, a small bedroom can look very comfortable and nice if decorated properly. The lightning, the furniture, the color scheme and the linen have to be chosen wisely in order to make a small space look larger and cozy. Read the following lines to find out some interesting decoration tips for small bedrooms.

 Paint color

The first thing you should take into account when decorating a small bedroom is the color of the walls. Light colors that reflect light are the best option for this purpose. White and cream will make any room look spacious and elegant. If you have painted the walls in your room in a darker shade, you can make horizontal or vertical stripes in a light color to make the room look taller or wider. Another option is to use nice wallpaper for the walls. Do not forget about the ceiling. A good idea is to paint it in white in order to make the room look taller. The door has to be painted in the same color as the walls.


The lightning is also an important factor you should take into consideration. You can install lights near your bed to create the illusion of a larger space. Also, install a lamp on the wall; you can use it in the evening if you want to read a book or a magazine. Fluorescent and accent lighting are also very suitable for small spaces. Versatile lamps can also be installed if you like.


The floor in a small bedroom should be free. That means you have to void covering it with carpets. Although carpets are very comfortable, they create the illusion of a smaller floor space. Laminate flooring, tiles or light colored hardwood is a good option for small spaces. If you want, you can use small rugs on the floor.


The bed is the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom. When it comes to small spaces, look for a bed made of thin metal frames because they create the illusion of a spacious room. Never install a massive bed into a small room because it will occupy a lot of floor space. If you want to save space, go for a Murphy or a folding bed. A Futon bed is very practical because you can use it both as a sofa and as a bed. Just make sure that the bed you choose works properly with all the other elements in the room.

 Bed sheets and curtains

Light pastel shades are a good option for the bed sheets because they will make the room look spacious. At the same time, make sure you pick up bed sheets that have only one pattern. For the curtains, you should also use light colors. A good idea is to buy curtains in the same color as the walls in your room. As for the material, pick up airy and light types. Heavy curtains are not a good option for small bedrooms because they will make the room look crowded. At the same time, avoid thick materials because they will stop natural light from coming into the room.

 Storage space

Anyone needs storage space in his or her bedroom. Even if your room is small, there are many ideas to create storage spaces. For example, you can opt for a platform bed that includes bed storage cabinets. Another good idea is to pick up a wardrobe that touches the ceiling. This way you will have enough space to keep your clothes. If possible, you can have a wardrobe built into the wall. This way you will save a lot of flooring space.


The furniture should be minimal for small rooms. Try to include only necessary pieces in order to avoid crowding. Also, practical pieces of furniture that can be used for several purposes is a great idea. Do not pick up pieces of furniture of different colors. Go for one color only if you want to give your room an uniform look. never opt for massive furniture because you have a limited space. You do not want to make it look even smaller and crowded.

 Floating shelves

Floating shelves are perfect places to keep your picture frames showpieces, souvenirs and trophies. There are many types of floating shelves available on the market. More than that, they are not expensive at all. But, make sure you do not pick too large pieces that occupy the whole wall. A disadvantage of these shelves is that you can hit them with your head or shoulder if they are installed too low. At the same time, the objects you plan to put on them will collect a lot of dust.


The wardrobe for a small bedroom should be very practical. You can opt for a piece that presents cupboards on its both sides to store your clothes. At the top, it should have a storage space, in the middle it should have a drawer and at the lowest part it should have a trolley. Opt for sliding panels for the doors. You can also cover the doors with mirrors to make the room look larger.


Never buy a box television for a small bedroom because it will occupy a lot of space. Opt for an LCD or plasma and install it on the wall. This way you will save a lot of space. However, many people believe that placing a TV in the bedroom is not a good idea, especially in a child’s room. If you can, install it in your living room.


Picture frames are a good idea to decorate the walls in a small bedroom as long as they are large and have an elegant look. It is advisable to avoid many little picture frames. The color of the frames should match the other elements in the room. Wall stickers are also a good idea to decorate the walls. There are many beautiful types and patterns you can choose from.


If you want to create the illusion of a bigger space, put one huge mirror on the wall that is on the opposite side of the light source. If you do not want to have a large mirror on your wall, you can opt for smaller mirrors in different shapes.

To complement the room you can opt for shelves and put them into the corners of the room. Besides the fact that they will give the room an elegant look, they are a good storage place. As for the material, you can choose metal or wood and even glass. The choice is yours. You can store your books there or you can put your potted flowers.

These were a few decoration tips for small bedrooms. But, do not forget! The most important thing is to keep your room clean and tidy.

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