Small bedrooms decoration ideas

Although many people believe that large bedrooms are easier to decorate than small spaces, it is not true. Decorating a small bedroom can be very funny if you follow some important tips. The color scheme, furniture and all the other accessories have to be chosen wisely.

This means that with the help of colors and other items you can make your small bedroom look spacious and airy. Read the following lines to find out more about this subject.


 Furniture is the biggest accessory in bedrooms, so take care when you choose it. Avoid installing massive pieces of furniture into a small bedroom because it will occupy too much space. Besides that, it will make your space look crowded and it will affect negatively the look of the room. In addition, you will not have enough space for all the other items you have to place in your bedroom. Crowding your bedroom is what you need to avoid. Instead, buying big pieces of furniture opt for smaller pieces. For example, you can install a foldable bed made of wood. Wooden furniture is the most suitable for small bedrooms. You can buy it ready-made or you can ask the help of a master carpenter to do it for you in accordance to your plans and designs. At the same time, try to place your biggest piece of furniture, such as the wardrobe, on the longest wall side in the room. In order to save more space, choose wall-attached cabinets. Keep in mind that installing your furniture into the right place in your bedroom will make the room very attractive and airy.


The flooring is also an important element you should take into account when decorating a small bedroom. You can choose marble flooring for an elegant look or you can pick up wooden flooring give your bedroom an imposing aspect. Before deciding on one of these two types of furniture, you should know that they could cost you quite a lot. If your budget does not allow you wooden or marble furniture, vinyl plank flooring is the best option for you. This type of flooring looks very nice and it is not expensive at all.


Curtains are also an important factor for a small bedroom. Besides the fact that they can protect you from intense sun rays, curtains can provide you the intimacy you need while spending time into your bedroom. Large curtains are a good option for small bedrooms.  As for the color, you can pick up yellow, green or white.


Painting the walls of your small bedroom in the right color is not a difficult task. Paint the ceiling in dark white and use a lighter shade for the walls. To make your bedroom more interesting, decorate one wall with a design you like. Hang the most beautiful paintings representing nature or wildlife and wall frames on the walls to make the bedroom more attractive. In addition, opt for sliding windows because they let natural light get into your room thus making it bright and spacious. To complement the room, buy a lampshade and put it in your bedroom.

Follow these simple ideas to make your small bedroom look larger. If you have enough free space and patience accomplish this task by yourself in order to save money. Have fun!

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