Solar generators - the devices of tomorrow

The industry of solar generated energy is at the begging. The future asks from us to find new ways to provide electricity without consuming our limited natural resources. The sun is one of the alternatives.
For now, the investment made in a device working with this force can be high, but depends on the scale of the need and project. For instance, if you need a solar powered generator for your home you can find it at a price range of $ 2000. For big buildings this can grow up to $20.000.
There are other instruments like sun rooms or solar water heaters that are efficient and at a fair price.

Now, let’s detail our need of providing energy for our households. The energy crisis will become real sooner or later, so we need to be prepared.
A solar powered generator can help you get out of a blackout when nothing else can. Also, the system doesn’t work on fuel, so there is a cost reduction right here. Actually, the process of working is simple. It uses principles of energy conversion (solar energy becomes electrical energy).

The most important components are:

  • the solar panels that absorb sunlight and have to be stored in the most lighted place (usually on the rooftop)
  • a cycle battery
  • an inverter which transforms DC power from a battery into AC power (this is needed when using AC appliances in the home; if they don’t exist a DC meter or input is sufficient).
Embrace devices that work on alternative resources and you will discover a new world full of possibilities.
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