Suitable colors for bedrooms with dark furniture

If you plan to change the color of your bedroom’s walls, it is very important to choose the right one. The color of the walls must work very well with the furniture and other elements or accessories inside the room. Nowadays, dark-colored furniture is very popular because it gives the bedroom an elegant and trendy look.

If you own dark-colored furniture and you do not know what color fits best, read the following lines to find out several ideas for your purpose.


The focal point in any bedroom is the bed. Besides this element, one can opt for several pieces of furniture such as a wardrobe, chair, table, wall or floor cabinets, computer desk or a study table.  It is very important to choose a nice color for the walls in accordance to the furniture in the room.

To accent your dark-colored furniture, paint the walls in a neutral color. If you want to make the furniture blend with the other elements in the bedroom, use a monochromatic scheme for the walls. A contrast color is also a good option to make the furniture blend with the walls or with other elements in your space. If on the contrary you want to accent the walls and not your dark-colored furniture, decorate them with light fixtures, artificial lighting and attractive furnishings.

Color combinations for black furniture

One of the best colors for the walls that accents black furniture is white.  In order to make the bedroom look more elegant and attractive add white and modern furnishings and curtains. You can also opt for a combination of dark gray, white and black to give your bedroom a sophisticated aspect. Use metallic silver and grey to accent the focal \walls and decorate the flooring with gray and white rugs. As for the furnishing, gray is your color.

Tones for brown furniture

Cream, bamboo brown, off white and beige are the most popular colors that work very well with brown furniture. You can also use different combinations such as off white and chocolate brown, white and dark brown, cream and light brown, dark brown or white and beige. These combos will work great your brown-colored furniture and will make the bedroom look very nice. A combination of cream and red will accent the walls if you want to take away the focus from your furniture.  Also, you can use dark beige and French blue to decorate your bedroom’s wall. This combo will add a touch of elegance to your brown furniture.

Color combinations for gray furniture

The gray furniture in your bedroom will look very nice if you paint the walls in a rich and modern color.  For a gentle aspect, paint the walls in tones of white. If you want your furniture to blend with the aspect of the room, use combinations like metallic gray and white or silver and gray. For those who have a bold and quite nonconformist personality (from a good point of view), painting the walls in fluorescent green or yellow is a good idea to add some spice to their space. Although these colors may look strong and improper, they actually work great in a bedroom decorated with gray furniture. Try it and you will see!

Choosing the right color for a bedroom is not a difficult task to accomplish no matter the color of the furniture. All you have to do is to choose the best tone in accordance to your gray-colored furniture and your tastes.

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