Tips to create an entertainment center in a living room

An entertainment center built in a living room can be very practical and will leave enough free space for your furniture or other decoration items. A wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling storage place is ideal to keep your audio and video equipment. The most important thing before beginning this task is to choose a suitable design that works with your room style.

Necessary things: measuring tape, stud finder, screws (4-inch), sand paper, miter box, carpenter’s level, crown molding, graph paper, glue, framing boards (2-by-4-inch), fine-toothed saw blades, wood shims, wood-veneer sheets, wood trim, electrical wiring/conduit, drywall, drywall tape, hinges, bead-board paneling, jigsaw, joint compound,    pre-made doors, plywood ( 3/4-inch), nails and drywall saw.


  • Choose the wall you want to use for your project and measure its dimensions: the height, length and width. Before starting to build your storage unit, draw a detailed design to make sure that all your equipment fits in the respective place. Also, take into consideration the perfect route for the electrical wiring. Try to hide the wiring between the entertainment center and the wall studs. Use graph paper to draw your detailed project; do not forget to include also the door spaces and shelves.
  • Use 2-by-4 inch boards to build the main skeleton for the unit framework. Utilize a stud finder to search current wall studs and fix your framework with 4-inch screws to them. After you cut out the framework parts, miter every corner when you add your covering. Fix all the pieces in place with screws. Use a carpenter’s level to make sure that the framework is straight while you fasten its lowest part to floor joints. If your framework is not vertical, use wood shins to fix the problem.
  • Hide the electrical wiring into the backside of the cabinet using conduit. With a jigsaw or a drywall saw cut out veneer, drywall or bear-board to apply on your framework. Utilize bear-board for the lining sections where you plan to store your books because it can sustain their weight. Cover the TV shelf with ¾-inch plywood and apply wood veneer over it using glue. For a professional look, use a fine-toothed saw blade to cut your materials.
  • Tape the seams and apply joint compound to cover them. Use a fine sandpaper to remove any bump in the drywall. Apply joint compound and sand the seams of the drywall several times until the finish is perfect.
  • Use nails to fix crown molding from one top side of the cabinet to the other. Miter each corner of wood trim after you cut it out for your closeable doors. Utilize hidden hinges to install your doors and paint them to fit into the room. For a better look, apply crown molding across the front side of the cabinet and fix it with nails.
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