Useful tips for bedroom walls decoration

When you think about your house, the first thing in your mind is the bedroom. And this is normal because most of your time is spent in this room. Here is where you find your peace at the end of a stressful day and recharge your batteries for the next one.

That is way is very important trying to decorate the bedroom according to your taste and personality, transforming it into a corner where you can feel good and relax. And what are the most important items in a bedroom, if not the walls? They set the ambiance and you must decorate them according with the furniture and other accessories.

The combination of colors

When choosing the paint colors for your bedroom walls, select the ones that suit your personality and necessities. Is better to pick up warm colors, decide for the ones that brighten the room and create the illusion of a bigger space.  Common used colors are lavender, blue and green.  Muted colors are suitable if you are thinking to design a peaceful, relaxing room. If you are an active, cheerful person and want more spirited walls, the right colors for you are pink, butter yellow, peach and other neutral shades. Neutral colors work for any bedroom walls.

Another idea to decorate your bedroom walls is to use interesting wallpapers for decorating the wall behind your bed, creating an accent wall and a stimulating room.

Accessories for decorating the bedroom walls

Not only the colors you use for a bedroom walls are important, but also the other items you use for decorating them. You must choose the ones that enhance the aspect of your room and go well with the furniture.


Some houseplants will change the atmosphere in the room, bringing more life and freshness to it all. It will change the bedroom completely and purify the air, making you a more relaxed and joyful person. Use some shelves to place them or just hang them on the walls.


If you want to give the room a more personal touch, frame some of the pictures you like the most and place them horizontally above the chair rail or headboard. You can use handmade frames and like this you can always have them in sight.


Shelves are normally used to store items in the room and organize your space.  But you can also use shelves for decorative purposes. Place an antique lamp on top of shelf and see the changes. If you are feeling romantic, store some candles or an antique candle holder. Another good idea is to decorate them with a nice vase and fresh flowers, for a more energizing and relaxing effect.

Other good ideas for decorating the walls

Who does not have a mirror in his/her bedroom? But is very important where you place it, you should choose a place where is more light which can be reflected in the mirror and brighten the room. Other items you must not forget about are lighting fixtures and wall arts.

You can find many decorating ideas and tips, but remember not to overreact. Is better to keep it all as simple as possible and enjoy the space you created.

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