Ventilate your house with a low budget

Don’t disregard the importance of a well ventilated house. Despite of the season, some parts of the building must receive outdoor air.

You can bring cool air throughout the premises with a whole-house fan and you can make it circulate with a ceiling fan.

Both devices reduce the energy bill and the usage of an AC. The ceiling fan is helpful even during winter because it moves around the warm air that gathers towards the ceiling.

If your house has an attic you must understand the importance of letting it breathe.

When you have to deal with a warm weather, heat gathers up in the attic and then flows towards the rest of the house- this way putting pressure on the air conditioner. With some vents the air can go out through the roof and cool air can come inside by the path of the cornices.

Properly ventilating the attic can bring a difference up to 40 degrees in your inside temperatures.

Also, you can achieve this by installing a whole-fan. It will draw cool air that passes through opened doors and windows and will exhaust it towards the attic. Don’t forget to turn it off when you shut the windows and doors.

The winter season brings another order to things. The role of ventilating is to spread out the warm air that rises from the spaces below, which could produce condensation in contact with the coolness of the attic. Another effect of keeping the space uniformly cold averts the snow on warmer parts from melting and refreezing at the rain channels.

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