What colors are suitable for a small bedroom

If you own a small bedroom, it is very important to choose the right color to create the illusion of a larger space. This article will present you a few ideas to accomplish this task.

There are moments in life when we need to be alone or we want to spend some time with or loved man or woman.

The bedroom is usually our favorite room in the house because it provides the tranquility and the privacy we all need. The bedroom is not just a room where we sleep; it is more than that. Therefore, creating the illusion of a larger space for a small bedroom is important and possible using the right color.

 Make small bedrooms look larger

Usually, dark colors and shades are not suitable for small bedrooms because they make the space look even smaller. It is highly important to choose the right colors in order to avoid creating a depressing atmosphere into our private room. Bright and light tones are the most recommended for small rooms because they create the impression of a larger space. Pink, yellow, blue or lavender tones will make your bedroom look bright and nice.

Use pink if you are young and you want your bedroom to represent your age; utilize lilac, mauve or rose if you are a romantic person. Blue and lavender are also suitable if you want to experience total relaxation while you spend time into your bedroom. In addition, yellow shades will create a vibrant and “happy” bedroom.

Most people believe that white tones are the best because they enlarge a small bedroom by reflecting the light. If you have chosen pale tones of lavender, green or blue as the main color for your bedroom, you can use deep gray shades for the edges.

White yellow tone, blue tone, green tone or pink tone can successfully replace simple white color if you want to add personality to your small bedroom.

Pale pink, soft yellow or mint green tones can be used to decorate a nursery; if your child is not a baby anymore you can pick up light green or lavender tones. Combine for example light green and yellow tones or blue with lavender shades. Just take care to use the same color for the walls and ceiling to make the room look higher.

Furniture for small bedrooms

The furniture is also important when decorating a small bedroom. You have to choose small furniture that provides enough storage places for your things. For example, purchase a box bed because it usually presents enough available space to store your additional pillows, blankets and the like. In order to create a spacious and nice aspect for your bedroom use a thin frame bed and put it near an existent table that presents drawers to keep part of your belongings.

Also, make sure you pick up multifunctional pieces of furniture such as a chest of drawers that can be used both as a coffee table and as a table desk, depending on the occasion. Choose foldable tables that can be stored in larger furniture pieces when you do not use them. Arrange all your big pieces of furniture near the wall to let the middle of the room free and make it look larger. Use only sofas with open arms and legs to let the light pass through them and give the impression of much more space.

 Designs for small bedrooms

Another important aspect to take into account when you start decorating your small bedroom is the design. Everybody knows that mirrors create the illusion of a bigger space, so use them for this purpose. Also, make sure you allow as much natural light as possible to get into your space. Avoid using dark-colored drapes and curtains because they will stop the light of the sun flow into the room. Electrical lights will also add more dimension to the room. Do not use too many photos to cover the walls because they can strike the eye; the focal point should be the bed. Always keep the floor clean or add small rugs if you want.

To conclude, the main idea is to use the proper colors, design and pieces of furniture to make you feel comfortable while spending time or sleeping into your small bedroom.

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