About downspouts

Downspouts are used to redirect water flow. Sometimes these downspouts can end with just an elbow, thus all the water accumulates where the downspout ends, at the base of the house. This way, your home and land can suffer from flooding or other unwelcomed surprises.

To solve this problem, you need to acquire a downspout extension.

  • Using pipe extensions you can redirect the flow of water outside your yard, or at least, away from your home. This is called a surface extension
  • The manual hinged extension is folded upwards, preventing water flow and it can be redirected downwards on dry days to let the water drain.
  • If you are looking for a hidden extension, you could use the underground one. Even if it is effective, you must engage in intense labor to dig a trench then fill it up when the task is done.

Be careful not to forget dulling the edges of the downspout extension if you plan on mounting one, as sharp edges can be dangerous.

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