About drainage pipe installation

A drainage pipe is very important for your home. Installing it will help you avoid deterioration to your home caused by water, rot and pest infiltration. You just need to avoid a few often done mistakes.

Plan the project

You must plan each and every detail related to the drainage pipe installation. To avoid any serious damage to your home’s foundation, be sure that the drain end is at 6 feet or more from the base of the house.

Avoid underground utilities

Go to your local utilities department and get informed about what may lie underneath your property. Thus, you will avoid damaging any cable systems while digging,  which can lead to serious consequences. Also, you will have to pay for any repairs needed in the case of hitting any cables.

Pipe levels

Be careful where you install the pipe. There mustn’t be any uphill portion for the water to flow, as this can lead to pipe clogging, backups or breaks. The path of the water must be smooth, without any sharp edges that might slow the flow down or make it stop.

Avoiding these problems will surely save you a lot of time and money, just as improper installation will give you more problems to solve.

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