About storm water drainage

Storm water drainage is used to get rid of the excess water that common home drainage systems can’t handle. The water is diverted towards a river or lake.

Quantity of water

The quantity of storm water can collapse a structure that is meant to carry weight vertically.

Water will first try to flow over, more than around, any obstacle it encounters. Few man-made drains can resist this force.

Grinding power

Storm water will pick up all sorts of things when flowing like small stones or rocks. The force of water can have an even greater impact on large objects, flipping them over or pulling them to the ground.

Storm water drainage system

These drains are made to withstand the powerful flow of water and minimize its effect from the first moments. It provides an escape route for the water, avoiding flooding and other potential damage that may appear. If a storm water drainage system gets clogged, the outcome of the situation could be devastating for the urban environment.

Disadvantages of storm water drains

This drainage system doesn’t get the attention it deserves, many times it is not treated as the important urban survival tool it actually is. The neglectful attitude of local citizens is a key factor in urban disasters, because they rely on the thought that open concrete sewers are enough to withstand the force and quantity of storm water. The storm water drainage system is in most cases the only line of defense against flooding. Urbanizing an area destroys the natural drain routes and so, the existence of a storm water drain is crucial for the citizen’s safety.

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