About storm water flow

Natural events like, rain, storms or snow-melt create what is called a storm water flow that can cause you some inconveniences.

Problems that may occur from storm water flow

  • Available for both treated and untreated wood, water flows can cause damage by making the wood rot.
  • Stagnant water represents a good environment for pests and insects.
  • Mold has a high chance of appearing when wet wood gets in contact with warmth.
  • Any sort of concrete construction is in danger if under continuous water flow because, infiltrating water can lead to cracks in the concrete or to its deterioration. This is also available for stagnant water. In cold climates the danger is higher, as infiltrated water turns to ice.
  • Pollution is certain because water flows will pick up any sort of dirt, debris and even harmful herbicides.

Stopping and using storm water

The water flow can be used to irrigate your land or deposited in a cistern for later use. All you need is a drainage system to help you direct the water flow. Find out where the water tends to flow and stagnate and install gutters, berms, catchments or basins to control the flows direction.

Determining the quantity of rainfall

The quantity of rainfall is equal to the footage of your property multiplied by the average daily rainfall (ADR) . You can find out an estimate of that quantity by going online and visiting the National Weather Service site. Depending on how many downspouts you have, you can easily find out the volume of water that occupies the area.

The rest of the land must be searched of any highland points and downward slopes, because these are the spots where water will accumulate. Be careful to check places like walkways and garages too.

After you find out the places water drains, the volume of water that accumulates you can decide where to install piping and drainage systems to help you gather the water or get it out of your land.

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