Basement drainage system clogging

A clog in your basement drainage system can be a serious problem. Not only that the smell will become unbearable, but the waste water will backup, flooding your basement. There are many reasons a clog can occur.

Here are a few ideas and tips on how to solve the problem.

Old problems

Older homes may have more reasons for a drain clog than newer homes. There are many things that can be involved, like narrow drain lines, tree roots that have blocked the sewer lines, non-vented plumbing fixtures, etc.

See if the clog problem only affects one sink/shower, or the entire system. It may be a local problem and you may be able to solve it really fast.

New homes

Because of the materials used for building the drainage system, newer homes will see fewer drain related problems. The most common problem is the flushing of large amounts of solid waste, like grease.

Septic systems

If you live in a rural area, then your system may have a septic system/tank. This septic tank will collect liquid and solid waste. The liquids will drain off and the solid waste will remain in the tank.

This means that in time the tank may get full and cause the system to clog. This is why it’s best to pump the septic tank from time to time to remove the solids. This will keep the system working properly.

Fixing and repairing the system

The first thing that you can try when you see the system is clogged is a chemical drain cleaner. It this doesn’t do the job, use a drain snake to remove solid clogs. Drain snakes are quite long and will reach deeper clogs.

Tree roots can lead to the collapsing of the drainage system. In this case, you will need to locate the damaged area, dig until you reach the pipes and replace them.

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