Building basement cement French drain

French drains are perfect solutions for diverting water from your home and into sewers or other drainage systems. French drains can be internal or external. Here are a few guidelines on how to install an internal basement French drain.

  1. first of all you will need to jackhammer a ditch along the entire perimeter of the basement, until you rich dirt.
  2. then take some gravel and form a 2-inch thick layer. The corrugated pipes will need to be placed on top of the gravel.
  3. the corrugated pipes will need to be connected to a sump pump
  4. you will need to eliminate all the air in the system by filling it with water.
  5. next add another layer of gravel over the pipes, and a layer of dirt over it. Leave a small gap near the wall to let the water get in the drainage system.


  • maybe it would be wiser to hire a professional to install the french drain system. They will also install it in a shorter time.
  • be very careful when you jackhammer. You can create unsafe working conditions if you jackhammer the foundation of your home.
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