Concrete drainage for patios

Patio drainage is very important, mainly because not all patios are insulated for water. Do build the best drainage system, you will need to plan it before you build the patio. Having a good drainage system you will avoid having problems with water damage.

Here are a few tips on how to install a proper drainage system for your patio.

Patio location

There are a few things you need to consider, concerning the patio location. Wherever you will place it, make sure that you have a slight slope on the floor of the patio to allow water to drain off of it. Also make sure where you head the slope, because it can redirect the water into your basement, or ruin your lawn.

Patio materials

First of all you will need to dig up and excavate the place where you want to build your patio. You need to dig it 4 inches below the grade. Buy sand and gravel to stabilize the patio and provide better water drainage. You can find dry silicon sand in bag of 55 lbs and gravel in cubic yards. Also you will need limestone for the base of the patio. You will need to make some exact measurements to know how much gravel, sand and limestone you will need.

Building the patio

After digging the base, place the gravel. Level it with a rake. Then add the limestone and the sand. If you want to stop weeds from growing between the stones, you will need to buy polymeric sand, which can be found in 10 lbs bags.

Patio stones

Take the patio stones and try to place them as closely as possible. Use a rubber mallet to settle them in place. Use the polymeric sand to fill the gaps between them. Compress the soil around the edges.

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