Deck drains - Slot or trench drain?

The advantage of a deck drain is its water evacuating speed. Sometimes it can also contain chemical spills too. You can choose from 3 possible drain types.

A slot drain, a trench drain or a French drain. The trench and French drains get mixed up sometimes, as they are similar. But the French drain is different because it implicates perforated pipes and is buried in gravel.

About trench drains

The trench drain is narrow but long, used mostly for fast water evacuation. When slopes are present, polymer is used to line the drains. The trench drain is made of concrete, thus not corrosion resistant.

About slot drains

Slot drains are chosen over the trench drain, because of their efficiency, resistance, low price and versatility. They can be custom made to fit any deck drain and don’t need any grating. The drain is made out of a thin one piece system,  which has a linear slot at the top. Few pieces of the system are exposed, consisting in the stainless steel surface inlets. The slot drains are easy to clean and save you time and money when installed.

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