Draining water off lawns

Draining water involves a lot more than you may think. The most important things are the channel that collects the water and the place where the water is drained.

No matter the method you choose for draining your yard, a French drain, or a more aesthetic solution, the dry creek bed, you will need to think of one thing: where will the water be channeled?

It’s important to lead the water to a place where it won’t affect anyone else, like your neighbors for example.

Draining water from your property in the street isn’t a solution, because there are a few regulations that need to be met.

The best solution is to tie your drainage system to the public sewers, but this requires a permit that is very difficult to obtain. Draining the water in the street may cause problems like ice on the sidewalk (in the winter), slippery and muddy sidewalks, etc.

Dry well

The best alternative you have is the dry well. What is this dry well? It’s a cavity dug in the ground and back filled with rocks. It needs to be quite deep if you have a heavy water flow.

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