Gutter you should avoid

The most common materials used for gutter construction are aluminum and steel because they are resistant and versatile. Other non-metal materials can be used but have many disadvantages.

Vinyl gutters

Vinyl is a less costly material than metal and doesn’t rust or corrode.

It is chosen also because vinyl gutters are easy to install, but that’s where most people do it wrong and end up having problems later. It is a good material for mild climates, but will crack and brittle in time in colder climates.

Wooden gutters

Once a regular material to make gutters out of, today wooden gutters are rarely used anymore mainly because of their cost and because their need for maintenance is high.

Plastic gutters

The cheapest gutters type you can buy are plastic gutters. These tend to crack pretty easy and are very hard to install. You can use this type of gutters temporally.

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