How to build a dry stream bed

The stream bed or creek bed as it is also known, is used to direct the water drainage in your yard or garden. It is easy to build and affordable.  You just need to follow some pretty straight forward steps and use a few basic materials and tools.

Materials and tools needed

  • River rock
  • Landscape fabric
  • Large rocks/Boulders
  • Pebbles
  • Mortar
  • Shovel
  • Scissors
  • Ornamental/Potted plants
  • Spray paint

Positioning the stream bed

First you need to find the right place for the stream bed. Find out which areas have water problems and establish a suitable path for the water. Trace an outline of the stream bed using spray paint. The drain water can be directed into your main drainage system or even in a small pond.

Digging the stream bed hole

Dig a hole along the marked outline using a spade. Make sure to dig out any weeds, rocks or any other kind of debris. The hole must be around 3 feet wide and 1 foot deep, a little deeper at the center about half a foot. Any soil you dag out mustn’t be wasted, but used to make the steam bed’s borders.

Filling and then covering the stream bed

Fill the bottom of the stream bed with small stones and pebbles. After that, place landscape fabric over the layer of pebbles, stretched to cover the entire hole. The landscape fabric won’t let weeds grow. After you placed the fabric and have cut it to it’s right size, place bigger rocks and river rocks on the top of it, followed by another layers of pebbles. After that, place boulders on the edges of the stream bed.

Strengthening and decorate the stream bed

Mortar can be used on the rocks that fill the stream bed. That is only needed in places where the amount of water is high. Using mortar can limit the amount of water that can enter the stream bed, so if you do add mortar, use as less as you can. To make the stream bed look more appealing, use potter flowers along the edges and cover the surrounding area with colored pebbles.

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