How to seal your basement

It’s very important to prevent water from entering your basement, because water can cause a lot of damage to your home, leading to huge reparation costs.

Besides the piping problem, water can cause mildew and mold to appear and can cause illness to the members of your family. Fortunately there are a few solutions for keeping your basement water free.


The tank solutions involves covering the entire surface of the walls, ceiling and floor of the basement in a water-proof membrane. The thing is that taking needs to be done when the basement is constructed, because the membrane will have to  be installed on the exterior of the basement. If this is not possible in your case, then you can try other sealing solutions.


Cracks are always a problem. They will increase water problems and because of water they can expand, leading to more serious structural problems. The best way to seal concrete cracks is by using polyurethane foam. You will need to use a caulking gun and inject the substance in the cracks.

Cavity systems

Another basement sealing method is using a cavity drainage system. This system also needs to be installed on the building of the basement. The system is made of two parts: a membrane with a honeycomb texture that will be incorporated in the wools and floors and an electric sump pump. The membrane collects the water, the floors leads the collected water to the pump and the pump evacuates the water from the basement. The main problem is that if there is a power outage, this system becomes useless.

Drains in foundations

French drains are another solution for basement sealing. This is an exterior system and it consists of a trench, pipes and gravel. The main advantages of this system is that it can be installed even after the construction of the basement, and it will work any time, because it doesn’t uses a pump.

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