Installing a basement drain system

Basement drain systems are a very importance piece of your home. They will prevent water from causing damage to your basement, and thus to your entire home. The most common solution for water infiltration problems is a floor drain.

Here’s how you can build one in your basement:

  1. First of all you will need to cut a trench in the floor concrete of your basement. For this job you will need a concrete cutter.
  2. Then, after digging the trench, take some 4-inch drain pipes and place them in the trench. Connect all the pipes together.  Connect the drain pipe to the main plumbing stack line.
  3. If you need to access the stack pipe in the basement wall, use a drywall knife to cut the drywall sheet.
  4. Next you will need to install a short piece of 4 inch drain pipe. Do not fix it in place. Then add  a P-trap and a pipe elbow below the floor drain assembly. The elbow needs to be connected to the drain pipe in the trench.
  5. Now, you will need to make a cut in the drain stack so that you can connect the PVC drain pipes to it.
  6. Take a 4inch tee no-hub and insert it into the stack cutout. The no-hub  pipes has a rubber seal that will hep it connect to the any type of pipe and stay sealed.
  7. Glue all the pipe joints in place. Fix all the pieces of the drain system in place. Let some water enter the system to check for leaks.
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