Installing a dry well

Dry wells are like pits where water gathers and then slowly it’s absorbed into the soil. They are great for gutter drainage and yard water. They are easy to install.

Some of the tools and materials that you will need are:

  • Digging tools to match your plans: Shovel for small stuff, post digger for middle stuff, backhoe for big jobs
  • Gravel and stones
  • Landscape fabric
  • Plastic or concrete dry well
  • PVC pipe, some solid, some perforated

First of all you will need to choose the type of well that you will install. You need to have in mind the quantity of water that needs to be drained in the well, so think about the volume. If you have a serious problem with water drainage, then it’s best that you install a plastic or metal dry well. This will have a large volume and will be perfect for large water flows. The dry well will need to have a cover with holes through which the water will drain. If you do not have a serious problem, and you just want to get rid of ponds, then you can dig a smaller hole and fill it with rocks.

Then you will need to choose place to install the dry well. Always choose low points.

Now it’s time to start digging the hole for the dry well and also for the trenches that will lead to it. Dig wider trenches for larger volumes of water. These trenches will need to accommodate pipes. These pipes need to reach the top of the dry well, so the latter has to be set at a lower point.

Use landscape fabric to cover the pipes, to prevent soil from entering them and clogging the drainage system. Also use gravel to fill the spaces around the pipes to improve water drainage.

Use stones and gravel to lay on the bottom of the dry well. Also use landscape fabric to cover the dry well and prevent it from being filled with soil.

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