Installing gutters and downspouts

The installation of gutters and downspouts is a good way to increase your home’s efficiency and value.

Choosing the right gutter type

Choosing the right gutter varies depending on your needs and budget. You may want to buy the gutter from any local store that sells it.

You can find it in 10 foot sections or you can order it specially made for your purposes and needs. These custom gutters are more costly than standard ones. Gutters can be found either in k-style or half round designs.

Gutter measures

You must know the length needed for each gutter and downspout before purchasing anything. You’ll have to buy other parts like elbows and end caps that must fit the gutter and downspouts. Better make a sketch of the project so you’ll see exactly what goes where.

Marking the drop spot

To assure that the gutter works properly and the water flow is going in the right spot, you must mark the place where the gutter will hang. The drop of the gutter must be of about 1/4th of an inch every 10 feet.

You must overlap that line about 6 inches and then mark the spot that is 1/4th of an inch below the previous one, so you’ll have a guide when marking the next spots.

Hanging the brackets

Installing the brackets is different when using k-style gutters than when using old fashioned half round ones. The half round ones must have their brackets installed first, whilst the brackets for the k-style gutters will be installed during the gutter installation itself. Install the first bracket at the top of the gutter then position the next one 1/4th of an inch lower than the first. Excluding the first two brackets at the top of the gutter, every other one should be positioned at 18 to 24 inches distance from one another and 6 inches distance from the end of a section. Be sure the gutter sections are properly fixed together then snap the end caps into their places.

Downspout installation

Downspouts should just fit into the bracket hangers and connect with the gutter. Make sure you use elbows were needed and position the downspouts parallel to each other.

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