Installing plumbing lines in basements

Basements can be used for other reasons than just depositing thing you do not use anymore. By finishing  your basement you can extend you living space in your home. It will also increase your home’s value.

The hardest part when decorating and finishing your basement is installing all the fixtures, appliances and installing the plumbing. The best thing that you can do is plan every appliance and fixture ahead of time, especially if it uses water.

Here are a few tips on how to install the pipes:

  1. First of all you will need to turn off the water system so you can work on the piping.
  2. Then install Tee-shaped pipe fittings in the hot and cold water pipes.
  3. Next you will need to run some 3/4 inch pipes to the location of your appliances and fixtures.
  4. You will need to change the piping to 1/2 inch pipes as you turn from the ceiling down to the appliances.
  5. One best practice is to install shut-off valves at the end point, before the appliances.
  6. Now all you need to do is turn on the water to see if there are any leaks.

Drainage system piping

  1. Because basements are build below the sewer level, installing a drainage system can be a challenge. Fortunately there are solutions. You can install a drainage system with ejector systems, tanks and pumps.
  2. What you will need to do is run 2 inch PVC drain pipes from the position of the appliances.
  3. As you reach the main drain, you will need to change the pipe diameter, to 4 inch ones.
  4. Connect the pipes to the sewer system or basement drainage system.
  5. Use caps for the drain ends in order to prevent sewer gases from reaching your basement.
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