Making a drainage ditch

A drainage ditch is the most effective way to stop water from building-up in your yard. The flow of water can be redirected to a street drain or sewer. Also, there are many decorative ideas to make the ditch fit in surroundings.

Plan the drainage ditch project

It is best to find out more about a drainage ditch before you begin digging because it can save you precious time and money. Find out exactly where the water is coming from, if it drains from uphill or is just stagnant rain water. Also make sure that your digging will not affect any underground sewage system. Make sure you check any existing drain for clogging, before you plan to start digging.

You must know where to place the ditch and how steep it must be. Of course, the volume of water you need to control will also have an impact on the size of the ditch.

Tools and materials you need

  • Shovel or trench digging machine
  • Rake
  • Field stones or flat rock
  • Crushed rock (best be large chunks)

Building the drainage ditch

  1. Position the ditch in the location water tends to flow.
  2. Your land must be cleared of vegetation, rocks and stumps, so that the ditch doesn’t have anything in its way.
  3. When digging the actual ditch be sure it’s wider than it is deep. These factors will depend on the quantity of water you must contain and let flow.
  4. Shape the bottom of the ditch, placing large pieces of crushed rock.
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