Materials needed for gutters

To help the whole gutter system work as it should, you must use special materials that will also prevent any inconvenience.

About downspouts

Using multiple downspouts will help improve the quantity of water moved and improve the whole drainage system efficiency. A standard downspout has a length of about 10 feet.

The dimensions will be different as downspouts can be either rectangular or circular-shaped. The rectangular ones have the dimensions either 2 by 3 inches or 3 by 4 inches, whilst the circular shaped ones have a diameter of around 3 or 4 inches.

About gutter guards

Gutters come in different types. From gutter screens to gutter helmets. These guards are used to prevent the gutter from clogging with any sort of debris like leaves, sticks or even dust.

When choosing a gutter guard you must take into consideration some things:

  • What sort of debris you need to handle
  • Do you have any trees hanging above the roof
  • The quantity of rainwater or snow that falls into your area
  • The slope of the roof

To make cleaning the gutter guards an easier task, think about investing in guards with clips that can be unhinged.

About fascia boards and replacements

The fascia boards, located just under the edge of the roof, must be in good shape to be able to support the gutter system. Be sure the boards are not rotten and don’t have any sign of damage. These boards usually are damaged by water flow. It is best you install drip-edge extensions into the gutter system to prevent any damage on the boards.

About gutter spikes and ferrules

The gutter system is held to the roof’s eaves by spikes and ferrules. The ferrules are metal bands or caps that have the same width along the entire gutter system.

About gutter elbows and joints

To change the direction of the water flow, you must use gutter elbows and joints. The elbows will change the path of the water diverting it by 45 degrees thus keeping the water away from your home. To change the direction of a gutters path, to the inside or to the outside, you must use joints.

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