Preventing iron bacteria in drainage systems

Although water containing iron bacteria is evacuated from your home it can still create a sticky residue on the walls of the pipes. The easiest way to get rid of iron bacteria is to prevent it. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. You will need to create a solution of one gallon of chlorine bleach and 50 gallons of water in a large container, or you can mix together smaller quantities if you do not have such a large container.
  2. next, you will need to connect a hose to a siphon in the container.
  3. to start the siphon pump squeeze it. Spray on the drainage area to wash it. You will need to save some solution for the drainage pipes.
  4. use a long-handled scrub brush toward the drain.
  5. after you wash the entire drainage mouth and the pipes, use water to rinse those areas.


  • always prepare the solution in a well ventilated area, and also wear a breathing mask because bleach is very dangerous for your health.
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