Solving leaky foundations and walls/floors

Leaky foundations are usually the cause of water accumulation around the house. This helps up build pressure and thus forcing the water through the area where the walls and floors meet.

Border drainage systems

This system is usually installed inside and along the walls or floors.

It’s sealed with a special adhesive. The baseboard drainage system collects the water through holes drilled in the foundation walls at floor level. The water is then redirected to a sump-pump.

Monolithic foundation systems

Monolithic foundations refers to structures that have footings and basement floors poured as one piece. The walls are then built upon the floors. This system collects the water through seepage holes drilled in the floor in the places where it meets the walls. The water is also collected by a baseboard and then delivered to the sump-pump.


Baseboard drainage systems are a great way for solving leaky foundation and solving water damage problems to your foundation.

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