Things to check when drains are overflowing

French drains are maybe the most easy-to-install drainage system. It best works in places where the soil is flooded constantly. If this drain is overflowing, then there are a few things that you should check immediately.

Debris clogging

The main cause for drain overflowing is debris. These will clog the drain and won’t let the water follow its normal flow. Debris like leaves, grass clipping, mud, rocks are usually the things that clog the drain. One way to unclog the drain is by using a plumber’s snake. If this doesn’t work, maybe it’s best to use a power rooter.


Incorrect installation is another common issue with drains. Because drains use gravity to collect water and redirect it, they will not work properly is their slope is not steep enough. Besides redesigning and reinstalling the drain, you can use a sump pump.

Natural water flow

Sometimes, the cause of the drain overflowing is the installation in a wrong place. Water usually finds its way to lower parts of your yard and it may redirect it away from your home. By installing the drain against the normal water flow of the rainwater it may seem that the drain is overflowing.

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