Waterproofing a finished basement

To make sure that your basement is waterproof, you will need to solve any water related problems from the exterior. This is the best way to prevent water leakages in your basement. Here’s how you can waterproof your basement, even after its construction:

  1. First of all you will need to excavate a deep trench around the walls of your house.
    Make sure you plan the entire route of the trench, not to drain the water in your neighbors yard.
  2. After digging the trench near the foundation, you will be able to see if there are any cracks in it. If you see any cracks and holes, then use a cement mixture to cover them. Let the cement dry.
  3. If your foundation has larger cracks, then you should call a professional to deal with them.
  4. To further protect the foundation of your home, you will need to apply a polymer sealant on it.
  5. After the polymer has dried up, place a layer of ground sheeting in the trench, and then a 2-inch layer of gravel.
  6. Now it’s time to lay the punctured piping in the trench. Make all the necessary connections. This pipe will collect the water and then redirect it away from your home.
  7. After laying the pipes, add another layer of gravel, until the pipes are all covered. Add another layer of ground sheeting.
  8. The last layer should be of soil. You can even plant some flowers in the topsoil, but this will influence the drainage in a bad way.
  9. You can further attach extensions to your downspouts.
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