Waterproofing systems for your basement

There is a wide range of waterproofing systems for your basement that can prevent water damage to your home. Before choosing a system and preparing for the installation, you will need to know about the materials and techniques available on the market.

Fixing cracks

There are two common solutions for fixing cracks: hydraulic cement or epoxy patch.

If you decide on using hydraulic cement, you will need to prepare the mixture very thin, to be able to pour it in cracks. Because the cement mixture needs to be very thin, it’s better to use epoxy patches for the walls.

Home draining systems

One popular draining system is the French drain which consists of a perforated pipe installed along the footers of the basement walls. This pipe will then be covered with gravel.

It’s important to have rain gutters on your roof to prevent water from draining down the walls and from creating cracks. It’s important to divert the rain water from the basement walls. You can redirect the water into a flower bed.

Sealing solutions

The outside of the basement can be coated with roll-on tar and rigid insulation. Not only that the coat will prevent water infiltration but also moisture build-up. It’s important that the tar pieces should overlap each other to prevent infiltration through the cracks.

You can further add a coat of protection to your basement, by painting the walls in a white paint sealer, named Dry-Loc. This will slow the water from infiltrating your basement, but it will not stop it.


If you have build a drainage system because you have serious water problems in your basement, then you will also need a sump pump. This will help you direct the water to a surface source where you can get rid of it.

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