About Container Flower Gardening

Container flower gardening is an innovative way for gardening enthusiasts today, who don’t have much time to spend on this hobby or have limited gardening space, to enjoy as many flowers as they want; the flowers are grown in containers and spread… throughout – balcony, windows, lobby areas and any others you can think of.

You can use anything as container, starting with chipped china and ending with metal bottles and canned-food tines according to the design/theme you have in mind, in which you can grow begonia, pansies, geraniums, marigolds, petunias and many others. Because of the ornamental feature of container flower gardening, it has become a form of art.

Today you can find many online resources to help guide you for a beautiful result.

But to cultivate this art form, you need a suitable space to grow the plants, the containers, soil-less mixes (which prevent soil diseases and weeds) and planting mediums for drainage, suitable fertilizers (especially made for container flower gardening) and preferably a stand or a tray to help relocate the plant so it gets all the sunlight it needs.

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