Adjusting The Springs Of The Garage Door

Adjusting your garage door springs on your own can be tricky but possible if you just follow the safety guidelines, have a vague grasp on the workings of a garage door, and follow the instructions – this is very important as the process might otherwise become a bit dangerous.

Now, the most commonly used are the torsion springs, fitted in both manually and automatically operated garage doors. The springs as well as the entire system are installed at the top of the door.

As it is, the spring bears the entire weight of the door and lifts drums that wind cables connected with the doors at the bottom, thus enabling the movement of the door.

Make sure to wear the safety gear, hen gather the tools; you will need a ladder, a 7/16 inch wrench and two 18 inch long rods of ½ inch in diameter. Observe the system carefully, locate the reddish cone – it’s most probably placed on the left hand of the spring, away from the garage door center.

Take a tension rod and take a hold of the cone firmly, placing it in the first notch that keeps the torsion spring in place – this prevents the spring from hitting you when you loosen the screws.

Loosen the set of screws with the wrench, all the time making sure the cone is in place and the rod in the notch. Grab the notch with the second rod as well by placing it in another notch. Now, holding both rods, slowly move the cone to the right to tighten the spring or to the left to loosen the tension.

Once you’re done, remove one of the rods and tighten the screws in place, then you can remove the last rod and after you’ve done the same for the second spring you’ve finished.

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