Garage Door Problems

Most of the garage door problems are caused by the electronic component and you yourself can solve any minor problems which might occur.

The main component of a garage door opener is an electric engine which rotates clockwise to open the door and counterclockwise to close it with the help of chains, action determined by limits switches. If you make a habit of regularly doing the recommended maintenance, you prevent many small problems which might occur.

The system usually includes a monitor which displays where the problem is and troubleshooting tips.

When the garage door does not open smoothly or is noisy then you have to clean the tracks and lubricate them, the problem being debris or poor lubrication.

If the door does not respond to the remote control but it responds to the interior button then the problem is the remote control and you should check the batteries. You could also use the user’s manual and reprogram it, but it’s best to buy a new one as the original might have a defect.

If it does not open by button either then you should check the opener power supply and the motor. The way might also be blocked by dust deposits, but if not then you should call a professional.

If your door opens and closes on its own then they wires or transmitters are probably short circuited. Check the transmitter first by taking out the batteries and trying again. If it persists then the problem is the wiring and you need to replace it.

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