Garage Door Springs Adjustment

Adjusting and replacing the garage door springs is important as they are responsible for the opening and closing of the door. Over time they get loose and you don’t need to be a technician in order to fix this yourself.

Locate the springs – for example swing-up doors have a spring on each side, then completely close the door and remove one of them from the hole in the bracket where it is hooked and place it in the next hole down.

Do the same with the other spring otherwise you’ll have an imbalanced door. Test the door by opening it – the door should not slam or be too hard to open. If it still isn’t tight enough then repeat the procedure but place the hook another hole down.

If what you want to do is to replace a spring then you need to buy an appropriate one and prepare with winding rods, a socket set, and lubricant. Using the correct socket remove the two end cones and separate and take out the spring with a wrench. Now fit the new spring and fasten the end cones firmly – for winding the tension back in the door spring you can use winding coils or 2 steel rods.

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