Garage Doors Made From Fiberglass

Fiberglass garage doors are still developing and improving and though not as common as wood, aluminum or steel garage doors, they are sometimes preferred as they are lighter and relatively cheaper.

The new models are made to mimic wood and they now have a steel framework to make them last longer as they can be affected by multiple factors such as hot/cold weather which makes them crack easily and strong winds. They generally are poor insulators as well, but manufacturers have reduced this effect using R-value special foam cores which are covered with air pockets.

Over time they might turn yellowish so you will feel the need to paint them and universal latex primer and XMI primer are very good for this mixed with latex paint – one of the best suited is Mooreguard. Thoroughly clean the door and dry it and on a less windy and humid day start painting, first applying a layer of primer then, after it’s dried, the latex paint.

Fiberglass doors come with only a 1-2 year warranty as they can be easily dented, but they prove to do great against the salty air in tropical climates.

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