Installation Tips for a Garage Door

The garage comes in handy when you have to park safely the car, store some objects that don’t have room in the house and so on. The maintenance of it, especially the garage door is easy to take care off if you make it in time. You can also install the door in almost 4 hours.

Let’s see how you can do that for yourself.

You will need a garage door (large enough so it can fight the space), a ladder, an installation guide, torque tube, screwdriver and a nut kind, a drilling machine and a weather stripping.

The first action you need to take is to isolate the underside of the first panel using the weather stripping. Proper attached nails will hold the door in the required position. The instruction manual will show you how to collect the needed pieces for the vertical, horizontal and curved tracks.

The first section of the garage door is the area where you place the brackets and the roller suited for this operation. Do the same for the remaining sections.

Now, make sure that the garage door is at a proper level and control the vertical door. The screws must be very well secured. Install the jamb brackets. These go along the tracks and on the parts of the frame. With the tracks adjusted, tighten the lag screws.

The next step is to bolt together the horizontal and curved tracks. You do this by inspecting the position of the first mentioned track and sever its hanger from the back. After the cut, place the track hanger to a blocking and secure the track there. Be aware when you mount the track.
Proceed in the same way for the horizontal track number two.

After all this, position the door in a right place. Check that the tracks are aligned. A simple door opener is the presence of a torque tube. Check that the door properly shuts.

A garage door installation is a challenging, but also interesting task. At first you may think that is a lot of trouble due to the weight of the door and the system. The truth is once you put your mind to something you will surely achieve it. Do your homework: procure the needed materials, read the installation guide and if you feel more secure, call a friend to help you just in case.

Remember to check the door and the installation regularly for any signs of damage. If you can act on the defect and repair it right away, do so. You will avoid accidents, money to get a new door and so on.

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