Installing The Garage Door Opener

Automatic garage doors have become widely used as they are secure can be remotely activated as well. Prices range from 150 to 450 $ and there are many to choose from so it’s best you compare the offer before you get one.

Installing the door opener on your own is not as tedious as you may think, so gather the tools and materials you’ll need: a hammer, reinforcing steel, wrenches, screwdriver, a power drill and of course – the opener.

Read the instructions of the opener and assemble it properly. Assemble the rail and connect it to the garage opener and the pulley.

Securely fix the header bracket to the door and connect it to a power supply unit, then insert the rail securing the idler pulley with bolts. Attach the chain to the traveler and wrap the pulley with it, the ends of the chain secured with the retaining clip provided in the assembly kit.

Mark the center of the door, install the mounting board, mount the header and attach the idler pulley. Connect the opener’s wires to the turned off main power supply. Install the sensors, connect the rest of the parts together and place the door back in its hinges.

Restore the power supply and test the system to see if it is working properly.

a hammer, a power drill, automatic garage doors, mounting board, power supply, pulley, reinforcing steel, screwdriver, wrenches